About Mama Ban


Drawing inspiration from her design background and combining her passion for creating healthy snacks for her daughter, Mama Ban found Rice Blossoms.

As a professional interior designer, juggling work and raising a child was not as glamorous as the modern day "Lean In" era of working moms. But neither was being a traditional stay-at-home mom, especially since she struggled to find readily available healthy snacks for her daughter. Mama Ban, who has always been very conscious of living a healthy lifestyle, found that steamed Korean traditional rice cakes made an excellent alternative for the family. She initially fell in love with its simple ingredients, then quickly realized that she found a new medium to express her creativity - hand crafted, artisanal flowers. Mama Ban makes every Rice Blossom with the same care and joy as she prepares for her own daughter, with a mission to create a snack that is 'preciously delicious.'